Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fall and Winter, the best time of year to buy


Fall and Winter, the best time of year to buy 


Many home buyers tend to sit around and wait for the spring and summer to come around in order to buy their homes. They do this under the misconception that this is the best time to buy because there is more inventory available then during the cooler months of the year. This is actually quite the opposite in most markets. In reality the fall and winter make for a great buyers market. In this article we’ll break it down as to why that is.

Buyers Market

Once labor day has come and schools are back in session most families with school age children are usually settled in due to not wanting to move the children around during the school year because of that at this time of year there is less competition to buy. Because there is less competition there are greater chances of you getting the home you want at the price that you want. Sellers are The chances of getting into a bidding war drop dramatically and houses tend to sit a little longer due to less buyers being on the hunt. This will allow for time to think about the homes and possible price drops. Also buying at a lower price point will give the possibility of higher appreciation and in turn more equity in your home long term.

Year end tax breaks

With purchasing your home before the end of the year comes the ability to deduct property taxes and mortgage rates when you file your taxes during the following year. This will allow for a bigger refund and can provide for you the money for possible improvements on your home.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Being settled before the holidays arrive is very important to a lot of people. Buying your home during the early fall months will allow for this, it’ll also allow for time to winterize your home before the cold weather sets in. You’ll have a new home for the holidays and if your moving from an apartment it’ll provide for you a more comfortable space to host holiday dinners and be able to host more family and friends over.

DC in the Fall

DC in the Fall

Living in the DMV area is a dream for a lot of people all across the country. And so you start that journey, go to school, land a great job and find yourself living that dream, then moving out here and becoming a resident of the nations capital. You go to work, then head home, visit some monuments on the first couple of weekends you’re here and then find yourself asking, now what? The itch to explore further begins, however not being  originally from here you don’t always know where to get started. One of the amazing things about living in this area is just how much the landscape and environment can change so dramatically in any direction you choose to go. Consider the hustle and bustle of downtown dc, the canals of Georgetown and the hills that surround the Metropolitan. The quiet suburbs and rural farm areas of PG, Montgomery, Charles and Howard counties in MD and the rich history that can be found at almost every turn in the various cities of the sate of Virginia. Those things combined with the constant activities happening all across the area make the DMV an extremely entertaining place to live. For this article I’ve compiled a list of things that  will make the fall and winter compelling for you and ensure you build amazing memories this year. 

Health and fitness

For those focused on the endless journey to health and fitness there are countless things available. Beyond a plenitude of fitness centers and indoor classes with everything from your standard boxing gyms and studios hosting specific classes such as yoga,  Pilates , Zumba, to your small strength and conditioning gyms where personal trainers are always available to you. Also, consider the crisp fall weather and why not take that workout to the great outdoors. With the extreme availability of trails waiting for you and a partner to go for a run, a jog, or even a stroll, being outdoors in the fall can take your monotonous gym workout to whole new level. Prefer instructor lead classes? Then why not join one of numerous outdoor boot camps/fitness classes hosted at parks and recreation centers all across every jurisdiction in the area. These workouts will not only shake up your everyday routine but will also give you a chance to go out, socialize and meet new like minded individuals, more than likely on the same journey to explore DC as you.

Out for drinks

If going out after work or on weekends to party and have drinks is more your scene, DC has that covered as well. This area can be very political and serious during business hours however once that end of work whistle blows, the city and its neighbors transform. From happy hours at countless bars pubs and restaurants to weekend brunch and day parties, finding social people with a desire to let loose and unwind is never a problem. If you are looking for more of an organized event, bar crawls and festivals will satisfy that. Those events are usually hosted in very popular high demand areas such as Adams Morgan, U St. Corridor, Georgetown,  both DuPont and Logan circles, and in Arlington as well. This city has bars and clubs themed with every kind of music you can desire and are all readily accessible. Are you looking to host a large social gathering? The amount of unique venues available are extensive, so consider hiring an event planning company that caters to the uniqueness of DC such as . After the party is done, remember to be safe getting home. Another great thing about this city is the availability of ride sharing services during those peak hours once everyone is leaving the party. Both cheaper and faster than normal taxis, ride sharing service like Uber and Lyft have become extremely popular for their reliability. Haven’t signed up for either? Use promo code ODRACUE With Uber and receive you first ride free.

Fall is here and Halloween is coming

We feel the crispness in the air, we see the beauty in the color of the changing leaves, we feel the excitement and the pressure because the holidays are upon us. But before getting to them we must enjoy the amazing weather that fall provides for us, not to mention the plethora of pumpkin related activities!!!
The DMV offers a lot of themed events to keep us busy throughout the fall . From festivals such as A Taste of DC over the Columbus day weekend, to the Renaissance festival hosted in Anne Arundel county during the entire month of October. Then there is Oktoberfest and even the National Zoo gets in on the fun by decorating the park in a very spooky fashion. They host an adult-themed Halloween party called Night at the Living Zoo, where you can enter a costume contest, listen to live music and dance to the ultimate DC dead man’s party (Oct. 21-23).  Old town Alexandria hosts VA After dark, an event where bars food and live entertainment are available, ending with a Ghost tour of Alexandria and  Mount Vernon offers a wine festival as well as a sunset tour during the fall months. Not to be left behind, Maryland offers Apple and pumpkin picking and spooky camp fires all leading up to Old Hallows Eve.

Regardless of the amount of time that you have here in the DMV area it can be a fun and exciting time in your life,  whether you choose to settle down and stay here or look to move onward and upwards in a different area, the DMV brings countless activities and opportunities to build lasting memories right to your door. At the end of the day make the most of your days, get out there and explore. You might like it enough to want to stay. Have you already made the decision to stay? Looking to buy or rent your dream home? Let us assist you with that, visit us at